Website Maintenance is important.

Its important whether you're adding new products and services, keeping information fresh or upgrading your entire site.

Maintenance must be done on just about every site on the Internet to maintain or increase visitor traffic and to keep or better your rankings in the Search Engines. Letting your information become outdated or not placing new products and services, or not striving to place new information and solutions, deteriorates your site's value.

When new developments occur in your business, new product releases or events happen you should strongly consider updating your site before your competitor does.

In fact some Search Engines check your server's "If-Modified since header" to help determine spider frequency and content freshness.

How often should I update my website?

Depending on your website content and size, maintenance frequency varies. There are many events in business that can trigger the need for site updates.

For example when you:

  • Publish or present an article or paper
  • Will be exhibiting at a trade show or convention
  • Develop a new product
  • Launch a new service
  • Win a new contract
  • Make an acquisition
  • Open or close locations
  • Make a press or news release
  • Release investor information
  • Have significant personnel changes
  • Receive an Industry award or recognition

Frequent updates and continuing development give your visitors the feeling that you run a dynamic and innovative organization and helps attract business and return viewers. Continuing development over time matures your Website, builds value in your Web Presence and should help increase Search Engine Rankings.

If your site contains links, maintenance must be done to ensure that they haven't become broken, causing losses in viewer time and Search Engine Rankings.

Website Maintenance Program Considerations

A good Maintenance Program will include a set number of hours for development and maintenance time each month. When negotiating a maintenance contract with a Web Development Company, it should include:

  • Continuing development time
  • Site affectivity monitoring and review
  • Link and code checking and repair or removal
  • Usage review
  • Statistical monitoring and reporting
  • Search Engine ranking review
  • Incoming link generation programs
  • New marketing and promotional and execution

Building and maintaining a valuable web presence does not happen by itself and most likely will not happen at all if regular maintenance and updates do not occur.

Website Marketing and Promotion is an important part of your site's Maintenance. Just a few well placed Articles or Press Releases on-line can add a great deal of targeted traffic.

Contact NQ Web Design for Your Website Maintenance

If your site's maintenance has lapsed, ... you are not satisfied with your maintenance company ... or need to better position yourself, contact NQ Web Design to discuss a 'Maintenance Plan' as soon as possible.

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