There are a lot of web site builders out there and choosing one can be a daunting process.

Of course not, and here is how you can evaluate..

Choosing the best designer for you
  • Ask where you can actually see examples of their work so you can see if their sites are fast to load, appealing to the eye, easy to navigate and you can find desired information

  • Ask for proof that their sites can be readily found on the major search engines. It is no good having a great site with all the whistles and bells and it can’t be found in the first place

  • Ask if they can guarantee if their site will perform on Macintosh as well as a PC
    ... and on Netscape, Explorer and Firefox

  • Ask if the site will be hosted within Australia or off shore...

  • Ask if they register your Domain Name for you, and if so... who will own it... you or them...

    If your Domain Name isn't registered in YOUR name, it's difficult to move your site should you wish to change hosts down the track. Remember... if you pay for it, you own it... so be sure it's registered in YOUR name.

  • And finally make sure that YOUR site will be readily found on the major search engines.

    Search Engines are used by people to search for products and services and information such as Yahoo, Google, Excite, MSN etc.

Your site might be worth thousands of dollars in construction costs, but it won’t be worth a cracker if the Search Engines can’t find you.

It would be like building a massive Myers complex in the middle of the Nullabor Plain where no one can find it and then keeping quiet about it.

Cross Platform Compatibility
cross platform

Ever come across websites that will only work on a particular operating system or browser?

We guarantee that your site will perform just as well on a Mac as it will on a PC and that it will perform on all browsers.


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